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Farmhouse Felts will be in Yankee Magazine!

I’m excited (and extremely honored!) to be featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Yankee Magazine! A big thank you to the staff at Yankee who were a pleasure to work with!

If you found me in Yankee, welcome to my site and the wonderful world of needle felting! I hope you enjoy exploring around the site and taking a peek into my special craft.

If you would like to reach out - the best way would be through email at:

You may also reach out via the chat feature on my site, just be aware that I may not see it immediately, but I will respond as soon I do so make sure to leave an email so you will be notified when I reply. You can also use the contact form which will send your message to my email.

If you’re interested in having an animal created, please note that I have a wait period of 10-16 weeks. Currently, my order limit is full for orders ready in time for Christmas.

Warm Regards - Danielle


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