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Armature Exposition

Welcome to the Farmhouse Felts armature exposition! Here you will find pictures of my animal armatures, which I used to make some of the needle felted sculptures you see on this website. What's an armature you ask? An armature (which is made from either aluminum or floral modeling wire) is used as the "skeleton" for a needle felted sculpture. A lot of artists use them, so their sculptures have the ability to be posed in different positions. Using an armature base can give your needle felted sculpture a little extra character. Armature building (in my opinion) is an art in itself, and an important aspect of sculpting in general. It it is also used in other forms of sculpting as well (such as modeling clay). 

If you are new to armature building, use these pictures for reference or inspiration! You will also see some WIP (work in progress) pictures here as well. I will continue to add new armature & WIP pictures with every animal I make, so feel free to check back later to see what's new! 

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