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Throwback Thursday! - My First Felting Projects

I wanted to share some pictures of my "firsts" in felting. I've always enjoyed seeing progressive photos of artwork from other artists, so I thought it would be fun to share my own! I have only been felting for about 3 years now, so most of these "before" pictures are from 3 years ago. I also posted some pictures of current animals I have made so you can see the difference.

Needle Felted Animals

- These guys were the very first foxes I had ever felted. The one on the right being the first, and the one on the left being my second go at it. Obviously, I was having trouble understanding proportions! The fox on the right has enough snout for 3 foxes!

Needle felted animals

- This fox is my most recent, and has a normal snout (yay!)

- Here is one of my first baby chicks. Although I still thinks it's cute, I can see room for improvement. The feet are a little wonky and it's eyes are little too big (again with those proportions!)

- And here is my most recent chick. If you noticed, I started using glass eyes with my current animals. I never really mastered felting the eyes. So in my case, glass eyes do the trick!

Well, that's all I have for now! Here's to another 3 years of learning & felting!

- Happy Felting! - Danielle

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