Bringing Wool To Life:

The Creation of a Needle Felted Animal

If you were ever slightly curious on how these adorable woolen animals are created, then look no further! Read below to see how I make my needle felted animals as I take you through the creation process

The Beginning: Building The Armature

Every animal I make starts with a wire armature. The armature is basically the "skeleton" of the felted animal. This wire skeleton gives them the ability to be posed in almost any position; which is why I like to make all my animals this way. 

Before I start an animal, I study pictures of their anatomy and skeletal structure. I try to be as accurate as possible when it comes to porportions. 

Building The Body With Wool

Once the armature is built, I will then start to build up the body by adding wool. The type of wool I use for this step is called "core wool". Core wool can be any color but I mainly use white. True to it's name, "core wool" is used to build the core of a felted sculpture. I always start with this wool due to it's consistency and density, which are perfect for building a solid and sturdy sculpture.

  I add wool to the arms, legs, torso, and head. I then secure these sections of wool together using my felting needles. I keep adding wool until I acheive the overall shape of the animal I am making. I also will shape the nose, mouth, and other facial features with my felting needles at this point as well. 

Adding Color & Detail

Once I have achieved the animal's body & facial shape, I can then move on to the next step, which is to start adding the colored wool. This gives the face and body it's detail. I always start with the head and face first, because that area usually requires the most time and attention. I use reference photos of the animal to accurately apply it's colors and markings. Once I have the facial details complete I can move onto the rest of the body. 

Finishing Touches & The Final Result

In the final steps, I may add some finishing touches such as whiskers and an artist tag to signature my work. Lastly, I glue in the eyes and whiskers to secure them... and voila! The animal is now complete!

Each animal I make is a labor of love; it can be hard sometimes to send them off to their new homes. However, knowing that they may become a cherished gift from a loved one or keepsake to mark an important day, has turned this hobby of mine into something very special. - Danielle S.

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