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Character Critters & A Mouse Named Popover

Every time I get a custom order, it's exciting. People have some wonderfully creative ideas when it comes to needle felted animals. My absolute favorite requests are the character animals; little critters dressed in clothing & accessories, emulating a certain style & persona.

Usually, when I get a custom order for a character animal, the animal that is most requested is the mouse. If there is one thing I've learned since I started selling my work, it's that people love felted mice! Especially mice in clothing! I guess this doesn't come as a surprise, seeing as Mickey Mouse has become one of the most beloved cartoons in the world (Mini Mouse too!).

I love creating character mice, so when I recently got a request for one, my creative brain went into overdrive. I received the request from a children's author, who created a book focused around a little mouse named Popover. When I saw the illustrations of Popover, I knew this was going to be a fun challenge.

Popover was a little gray mouse who was clad in overalls and a red striped shirt; he was too adorable for words to describe!

Even though I was excited about this order, I knew it was going to be a challenge. Along with creating needle felted animals, I also sew the miniature clothing they wear.

Needle Felted Animals

Mainly, this is sweaters, t-shirts, aprons, and such. Miniature overalls was a new one for me though.

Being the confident crafter that I am, I accepted the overall challenge thinking "How hard could this be?!". Well, after 3 failed sewing patterns & fittings, I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned that I could actually make them at all!

But after many cups of coffee, 2 late nights, and Google search or two...I achieved success! Victory was mine, and the overalls were complete.

Popover was looking fabulous and cute, all at the same time. Although challenging, he has become one of my most favorite mouse characters so far. He is now off to his new home, and I will miss him. I know it sounds strange, but I do gain a small attachment to each animal I make. It can be bittersweet packing them up and sending them off. But it is all worth while knowing that someone will be smiling when they open that box, seeing a cute little face looking back at them.

Well, it's onto the next project! There is still much more stabbing that needs to be done, of the needle felting kind of course (hehe). And without further adieu, here is the completed version of Popover!

Happy Felting! - Danielle

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